Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Business Sep 19, 2023

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What started as a name in a book eight years ago is now Chantel Bratcher-Coleman’s medical treatment. Photo: Michael Le Brecht II

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

After almost 20 years as a doctor, Chantel Bratcher-Coleman wants to expand her business to include basic services that people often need, along with support. But this vision requires new knowledge and skills, especially in terms of finance. “People said, ‘Oh, you can get a business line of credit or a business credit card.’ But I didn’t have time to look into that,” says the busy owner and therapist of Shaping Minds Therapeutic Services in Newark, Delaware.

Verizon Supports And Uplifts Small Businesses

Small Business Digital Ready has helped change that. Launched in September 2021 as part of Citizen – a business plan to run a company to improve the country for all – Small Business Digital Ready is a free online site where business owners can improve their education, train professionals, create networks and incentives such as support. opportunity. Through the portal, Bratcher-Coleman learned new ways to raise money for her business that will allow her to better serve her clients and the community. “It wasn’t until I watched this video on the website that I learned this,” he says.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

“We did everything.” In 2019, Shaping Minds accommodated clients with just two rooms in a building on East Main Street. Bratcher-Coleman’s mother came in and helped grow the business into a successful operation that serves more than 150 customers from an eight-room office. “We did everything,” says his mother, Barbara Williams, proudly. “They did the processing and I did the front end, handling insurance and billing. Now we have people doing it for us.” But Bratcher-Coleman saw a gap in her knowledge of the business that prevented her from taking it to the next level. New knowledge, new goals. The portal’s financial training taught him how to maximize and use his credit for growth. It also inspired him to apply for an increase on his business credit card for the first time in seven years. He also signed up for FundBox and I got a business loan in minutes. The best thing for me was learning the difference between different types of money,” he says. “Before I took this course, I thought, ‘When do I need it and when?’

Bratcher-Coleman says she is excited to be part of the “community” of her clients. Proceeds from the HER Retail Therapy initiative will benefit mentoring programs. Photo: Michael Le Brecht II With a little flair for small business planning, Bratcher-Coleman is looking to the future. They plan to support charities including Retail Therapy, a clothing store in a 20-foot truck. The store is currently closed due to a propane leak, but with an additional loan, they hope to have the truck up and running and serving the needs of a community by spring 2022 .office for individuals and families in need.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready $10,000 Business Grant Q&a

Bratcher-Coleman is helping with the “game” in support of the Boys and Girls Club at Richey Elementary School. Credit: Michael Le Brecht II Expanding Shaping Minds’ media presence is also on the list of goals. Bratcher-Coleman says she can’t “send likes.” This includes awareness and transparency in the digital economy. That’s why he plans to take digital marketing courses. “I’m looking forward to figuring out how to build a social media business,” he says. “If you don’t have social media, it’s like you don’t exist.”

Peace of mind On days when Bratcher-Coleman momentarily doubts whether going into business is the right thing to do, she’s quick to remind herself of the impact and support available at her fingertips through the portal. Three words sum up his thoughts: calmness. Small Business Digital Ready provides on-demand training, live learning, networking, planning resources and grants for qualified students. To sign up for this free program, visit /smallbusinessdigitalready

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Verizon Brings The Small Business Digital Ready Experience To Live Event In San Diego

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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards Helping Small Businesses Become ‘Digital Ready’ CSR Finalists

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COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of digital strategies for small businesses, with many forced to close or relocate almost overnight. Verizon believes technology is a powerful tool to help both businesses recover and small business owners start their dreams, which is why the company created the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Launching in 2021, Verizon Small Business Digital Ready is an online program designed to provide tools for small businesses, including educational sessions, professional training, a peer network and incentives that can be used to help small businesses succeed financially . The program was created by small business owners and partner organizations, ensuring that diverse and underserved business owners have access to the resources they need. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready provides an easy, free way for consumers to grow and develop their skills, technology at the forefront of their solutions.

Designed to give small businesses the resources they love and the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive economy, the free, comprehensive online program includes over 30 courses, training opportunities, 1:1 training and networking, and financial incentives.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Small Business — Jefferson East, Inc

Here’s how it works: Small business owners sign up for the platform and start by answering a series of questions about their business, including their unique needs and areas of focus. Their responses provide recommendations on four key features of the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready platform.

Given the number of topics discussed on the platform, Verizon had to reach out to a variety of experts and small business owners to create a winning opportunity for as many visitors as possible.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

This includes working with various local organizations to ensure that Verizon not only creates useful content for small business owners, but also adapts the platform through the use of advisory boards, social networks and user research to meet the needs of consumers. .

Free Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Summit At Csu June 12

Additionally, to ensure small business owners are aware of these free services, Verizon is partnering with leading national business service providers, local business support organizations and small business advocates to raise awareness and educate consumers , to work on new courses and provide opportunities. Verizon is also working to share the success stories of Verizon Small Business Digital Ready “power” users, or regular users, to support their commitment to learning and growing their businesses through content and social media and on their website.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

As a leading provider of technology and communications services, Verizon is committed to improving the world through the power of its network. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready is an extension of Verizon’s many efforts to promote the growth and health of small businesses. During the pandemic, Verizon participated in the Pay It Forward Live concerts, which significantly supported small businesses and engaged more than 90 million people. Verizon has since launched a program to support women- and minority-owned businesses to support Verizon Small Business Digital Ready users. The company is committed to providing 1 million small businesses with digital skills training and tools to help them become more prepared.

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