Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Business May 05, 2023

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business – The brand new Avance 1201C is the answer as well as a commercial embroidery machine. It’s the answer to years of questions and requests from our customers for something smaller. more portable and easier on the budget

So here it is! Reliable, affordable, easy-to-use professional machine with great support.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

But it’s everything you would expect. with high quality great support

Brother Entrepreneur Pro Pr 1000 10 Needle Embroidery Machine

The new COMMERCIAL 12-needle embroidery machine is ideal for cap embroidery. Flats, polo shirts, jackets, pillows, bags, and even leather goods.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

We tried other embroidery machines with 6, 10 and 12 needles and found that each one was broken. That’s why we took the time to develop the Avance 1201C – if you do, it’s ready!

This single head machine has 12 pins, a large 10.1″ touch screen and great tools and accessories to get you started from day one.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

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But the first thing you’ll notice when you pick up your new Avance 1201C is that it’s tested over 300,000 stitches before it leaves the factory! This is one of the best tested monograms in the industry!

The Avancé 1201C is a 12-needle embroidery machine that combines price, features and reliability. To make it easier to enter the commercial embroidery business.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Avansé comes with everything you need to succeed. Including a 5-year ring warranty, a wide selection of accessories. and industry-leading training

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Fast – up to 1000 stitches per minute This means you can produce the most products in the least amount of time.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Reliable – The Avance 1201C sews 300,000 stitches before you even see it. This is how we can offer a six-year warranty.

READY TO GO – Right out of the box, the 1201C is flat and ready to sew on. It comes with 4000 templates to get you started.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

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*Actual prices and payments may vary depending on the loan criteria. financial choice Cash payment, car type, etc. Please discuss prices, fees and details with the embroiderer. Free shipping in the continental US only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or special offer.

Large embroidery area Larger hoop, 15 thread colors for every job. and the commercial parts you need to keep your machine running all day. This is what the Avance 1501C has to offer.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

You will get everything you need to be successful. Includes tutorials on how to use and embroidery basics. You get a wide range of rings and accessories, a 5-year warranty and the best support in the business. [Also ask about our digitization software packages!]

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Yes – the 1501C is flat and ready to sew on right out of the box. You get all the tools you need to do both.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Of course you can do 3D embroidery after taking our free course. You’ll be ready to launch your next design!

There is also a font on the board. You also get 2 rings each + and a large bezel.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Brother Entrepreneur Pr680w

Includes ring and table, 53 x 35 cm (21″ x 14″), and large 14″ x 20″ frame.

Our Avansé training department consists of real embroiderers who know how to teach. Experience 5-star training with us!

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

We’re bragging right now But almost all of the thousands of customer reviews are about our support. We are here when you need us the most. Brother: Embroidery Machines

Clients ask for 0% financing options. We do it. And very optimistically, we do it. Get advice on which one is best for you. Welcome – call or chat with us now.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Your technical support is awesome! Solved my problem in minutes. Thank you so much for a great list backed up by great service, my Avance has almost 25 million stitches and still looks like a champ! I was told to stay away from cheap embroidery machines and buy a Tajima or a Barudan…I have never regretted it and my Avance 1501 has become my main business. Love and love support! Thanks again!

Excellent technical support Even if my time runs out But the support is beyond expectation!! I’m new, I’ll call again tomorrow. after today’s call They seemed happy to answer all my questions +++ Thank you.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

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I’m having trouble installing the Smart Cut software. I made a ticket and Jason from support called me before I got the ticket number in the email. He had a great personality and made me feel like part of the family. No problem is too big or too small. He not only installed my software. But it also checked and confirmed that other software installed correctly without me asking. Thanks, Jason!

When our company, K & M Masterpiece, LLC, was in its infancy. We couldn’t have chosen a better company to provide equipment. technical support and customer support. We have never received such a high level of support from any supplier before. I know Holly, Amy and the rest of the team will be jealous. But we will forever be indebted to Tristan. I bothered him with a question about a week off (laughs). Congratulations to all of you.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Wow what an amazing experience Erica, Iris/Sales Rep, Allen/Trainer, Mark S./Marketing Guru and Katrina from Adia Capital were home and showing off the mini. (SpangleElite) Everyone was lovely and very knowledgeable. And I got a big machine (ProSpangle) that I thought I could never buy. It was completely my decision. So no one advertises, presses or rushes me. happy and confident in my success because they support me Don’t go shopping anywhere else, thank you.

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After careful research and discussions with companies, we, as a new start-up, We appreciate the time the team, especially Amber, takes to explain options from equipment to financing. Amber made the whole process a lot easier than he initially thought. We haven’t received our device yet. But we are confident that this experience will be easy and successful for our business. Thank you!

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Your support is awesome. I felt like I was the only customer in the world. The best after sales service I’ve ever had!

Once again they show how much they care about their customers. Thank you very much Sean for helping me fix my problem. I’m proud of my team, highly recommended!

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Brother Multi Needle Embroidery Machines

Went to the site today and saw the CompressUV printer in action working with Don, Bill and Iris. I’ll give it 5 stars because I can’t give it six. Good knowledge of equipment, design and print materials. I went in with high expectations. They are all good They all have personality. stress free atmosphere They don’t pressure you. The facility is clean, professional and has friendly staff. I brought them hard-printed things. I brought my files to them. They don’t blink. Great company, great people, Don is as funny as in his videos. I highly recommend them!

From the first search to the final purchase The whole process was smooth and easy. I recommend purchasing bulk packages from there. And they help us choose a package that is very suitable for our business. Continue shipping. No waiting! thank you

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

Amber has made purchasing my gear very easy. He answered all my questions quickly and very friendly and professional. I can’t wait to get my equipment up and running.

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Holly was very patient with me deciding whether to buy or not. He knew everything about the printer I bought and promptly advised me to print. Like Holly, I hope they understand if my printer is broken. If not, I’ll call Holly. And I’m sure she’ll find my solution.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

We have finally reached the investment stage in the embroidery machine. After much research We decided to purchase Avance Tristan, my contact was very helpful and answered all my questions and gave feedback promptly. He even took the time to measure me. after closing the deal I received useful information about transportation and training. Overall we received great service. Can’t wait to arrive!

Ed was helpful and patient. He knew it was a big decision and respected the process for me. He gave me a contact number to contact me back.

Best Embroidery Machine Small Business

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