5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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This article contains the phonetic text of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). For an introductory guide to IPA symbols, see Help:IPA. For the distinction between [ ] , / / and ⟨  ⟩, see IPA § Brackets and citation separation.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

The Romanian alphabet is a variant of the Latin alphabet used to write the Romanian language. It is a modification of the original Latin alphabet and consists of 31 letters,

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Five of which (Ă, Â, Î, Ș, and Ț) have been adapted from their Latin origins to the phonetic needs of the language:

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

The letters Q (chiu), W (double v), and Y (igrec or i grec, meaning “Greek i”) were officially introduced into the Romanian alphabet in 1982, although they had been used before. It occurs only in foreign words and their Romanian derivatives, such as quasar, wat and yacht. Although the letter K is ancient, it is rarely used and appears only in proper names and international neologisms such as kilo, broker, karate.

These four letters are still considered foreign, which explains their use for stylistic purposes in the word nomklatură (usually nomclatură, meaning “nomclature”), but are sometimes written with k instead of c when referring to members of the Communist leadership of the Union. (such as the nomklatura used in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries).

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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In cases where the word is directly borrowed and marks continuous letters of the upper alphabet, the official spelling TDS supports their use (Münch, Angoulême etc., as opposed to the use of İstanbul over İstanbul).

Romanian spelling is mostly phonetic without poly letters (but see i). The table below gives the correspondence between letters and sounds of betwe. Allophones are ignored but some letters can be read several times. The vowels /i/, /u/, /e/, and /o/ change to corresponding semivowels, not marked in the text. The letters K, Q, W, and Y appear only in foreign loans; The pronunciation and combination of W and Y determine the origin of the word QU.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

An unrounded close vowel as heard, for example, in the last syllable of the word rose for speakers of a simpler language.

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Ch in “chimpanzee” – if the letter c appears before e or i (but not î); In this case, e and i are not usually pronounced in combination: cea (cia in some loanwords), cio, ciu and ci in the final word if not realised.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

G in “geral” – if g appears before the letter e or i (but not î); In this case, e and i are usually unpronounced in combination: gea (gia in some loanwords), gio (gio in some loanwords), giu and the final gi in the word if not realized.

Ch for Scottish “loch” or h for glish “ha!” Or more commonly a subtle combination of the two (ie, not a heel like the Scottish loch.)

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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No accent if h appears between c or g and e or i (che, chi, ghe, ghi); c and g are furnished

Denotes the identity of the preceding consonant (which is sound-final and unstressed, in some compounds such as oricum, and in combination with chia, chio, chiu, ghia, ghio, ghiu).

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

Similar to Â, see above, used at the beginning of a word and in d, as in “to learn” = “to learn”; “to kill” = “an Omri”

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Romanian orthography does not use ACTs or diacritics – these are secondary marks added to letters (like basic glyphs) to change their pronunciation or to differentiate between words. However, the Romanian alphabet has five special letters (associated with four different sounds) that are formed by changing other Latin letters; Strictly speaking these characters act as basic glyphs rather than lettered characters, but are often referred to as the latter.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

The letter is used only in the middle of words; Its majuscule version appears only in all-caps text.

Writing the letters ș and ț with a cedilla instead of a comma is considered incorrect by the Romanian Academy. Romanian texts, including books designed to teach a child to write, treat comma and cedilla as letter distinctions. See Unicode and HTML below.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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The letters î and â are phonetically and functionally similar. The reason for using both is historical, showing the origin of the Latin language.

For several decades until the spelling reform in 1904, etymological convention used four or five letters with the same sound (â, ê, î, û and occasionally ô).

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

Both were used to restore the vowel /ɨ/, where original Latin vowels written with circumflexes were combined. The 1904 amendment left only two letters, â and î, a choice that followed rules that changed several times in the 20th century.

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The rule in the first half of the rule was to use î in word-initial and word-final positions and â everywhere else. The exception was, forcing the use of î in internal positions where words were joined or rendered by prefixes or suffixes. For example, the adjective urît “ugly” was written with î because it is derived from the verb urî “to hate”.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

In 1953, during the communist era, the Romanian Academy removed the letter â and replaced it with î everywhere, including the name of the country, which should have written Romania. The first terms included the official designation of the country as the People’s Republic, meaning its full name was Repubblica Populara Romina. A minor spelling revision in 1964 introduced the letter â, but only in the spelling “Romanian” and all its derivatives, including the name of the country. Therefore, the Socialist Republic proclaimed in 1965 is associated with the spelling Republika Socialista Romania.

Soon after the fall of the Ceaușescu government, the Romanian Academy decided to re-establish â from 1993 by canceling the effect of the 1953 spelling reform and essentially returning to the 1904 rules (with some exceptions). The move was publicly justified as a correction of communist attacks on tradition, or Soviet influence on Romanian culture, and a return to traditional spelling marking the Latin origins of the language.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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Although the political context at the time was such that the Romanian Academy was largely considered a communist and corrupt institution – Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Ella were honorary members, and membership was controlled by the Communist Party.

Thus, the 1993 spelling reform was an attempt to break away from the college’s communist past.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

The Academy invited the national community of linguists as well as Romanian expert foreign linguists to discuss the issue;

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Those who opposed spelling reform in the strongest possible terms, dismissed their position as too scientific.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

According to the 1993 reform, the choice between î and â is again based on a principle that is neither etymological nor phonological, but positional and morphological. The word is always written as â, except at the beginning of the word with d, where î would be used instead. Exceptions include proper nouns where the use of the letter is frozen, whatever it is, and complex words, whose constituents are kept under separate rules (eg ne- + îndemânatic → neîndemânatic “elegant”, not *neândemânatic). However, the exception no longer applies to words derived from suffixes, contrary to the 1904 norm; For example, what was written after 1904 was after 1993.

Although the reform was promoted as a way to show the origins of the Romanian Latin language, statistically according to the 1993 reform few words written with â actually derive from Latin words having one in the corresponding position.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

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In fact, it includes a large number of words that have i in their original Latin as well as their Italian or Spanish counterparts written with i. Examples include rîu “river”, from Latin rivus (compare Spanish río), now writt râu; with ride < rider, sîn < sinus, string < stringer, luminar < luminaria etc.

Although the 1993 spelling standard is mandatory in Romanian education and official publications, and gradually many other publications came to use it, there are still individuals, publications and publishing companies that prefer the previous spelling standard or their own hybrid system. They include the traditional weekly magazine Dilema Veche and the daily newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor, where some publications allow writers to choose a standard spelling; These include publishing houses such as Romania Literara, the journal of the Romanian Writers’ Union, and Polirum. Long after the 1993 reform, dictionaries, grammars and other linguistic works have also been published using î and sînt.

5 Letter Words Starting With Che

Finally, the conflict arises for two different linguistic reasons about how to spell /ɨ/. The choice of â depends on the organism

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